‘Uma Musume: Pretty Derby’ Gets New Short Anime for Fall 2022


A new short anime for the Uma Musume: Pretty Derby franchise was announced on the second day of the 4th Special Dreamers!! event on Thursday. The short anime, Umayuru, will premiere in Fall 2022. Scooter Films, a new animation studio established by production company Twin Engine in October 2021, is producing the anime series.

Cygames released the Uma Musume: Pretty Derby smartphone game on iOS and Android platforms in February 2021 and for PC the following month. The franchise follows anthropomorphized racing horses as girls with exceptional running capacity, who aim to win at the “Twinkle Series” sports event.

P.A. Works produced the 13-episode first season in Spring 2018. The fourth and final Blu-ray volume bundledthree special episodes in December that year. The second season by Studio Kai aired in 13 episodes in Winter 2021. Crunchyroll streamed both seasons with subtitles. A short anime adaptation of Kumajet‘s Umayon 4-koma spin-off manga aired in Summer 2020.

An original net anime was announced on the first day of the event on Wednesday.


Source: Moca News

Umayuru on MAL

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