One Piece – All Straw Hat Crew Members Haki Powers Explained!

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One Piece - All Straw Hat Crew Members Haki Powers Explained!


One Piece – All Straw Hat Crew Members Haki Powers Explained! The introduction of Haki was one of the biggest twists in One Piece. Not only was a new power totally unexpected but also a massive game-changer.

Devil Fruits were the be-all-end-all of One Piece’s power system for the longest time, but with Haki able to bypass even Logia-types’ invincibility, it seemed like Haki was here to overshadow Devil Fruits for good– reducing them to a mere power boost in most cases.

While Haki seems to have come out of nowhere to most of us, I’m sure some fans might’ve picked up on early hints in the series. Haki was first hinted at through the ability called Mantra used by Enel and his priests in Skypiea, which was essentially Observational Haki.

Currently, three forms of Haki are known to exist within the One Piece universe: Observational Haki, Armament Haki, and Conqueror’s Haki– all of which hold significant power and importance.

Since its introduction, the Straw Hats have gleaned the importance of Haki in the New World and adapted rather quickly.

Here are each of the Straw Hat pirates’ Haki powers from the oldest member to the most recent:

5. Luffy

Unsurprisingly, Luffy is among the select few in One Piece to possess all three types of Haki. He mastered basic levels of each kind of Haki in less than two years during his training with Rayleigh at Rusukaina. Luffy’s Haki has advanced at an alarming rate from his scuffles with many of the strongest beings to sail the Grand Line.


I. Conqueror’s Haki

Luffy’s Conqueror’s Haki is easily on par with the strongest users in One Piece. He could instantly knock out nearly 50,000 of the New Fish-Man Pirates and has even shown the ability to use his Haki when unconscious, as seen with the Beasts Pirates.


He is also one of the handfuls of people who can infuse his body with Conqueror’s Haki like Armament Haki. The incredibly advanced technique allows him to damage opponents like Kaido even without physical contact.

II. Armament Haki

Luffy commonly uses Armament Haki in conjunction with his Gears. Armament Haki has been a significant contributor to Luffy’s strength, allowing him to challenge opponents like Katakuri, Cracker, and Kaido.


Luffy can also use a highly destructive, advanced level of Armament Haki, which allows him to channel his Haki into an opponent or object, destroying it from the inside.

III. Observational Haki


While Luffy was proficient at using Observational Haki from the get-go, his battle against Katakuri helped take his Haki to new heights. Besides Katakuri, Luffy is the only known person to possess the ability to look into the future– known as the most advanced form of Observational Haki.

4. Zoro

Like Luffy, Zoro possesses all three forms of Haki. He developed Observational Haki and Armament Haki during the time-skip while training with Dracule Mihawk at Kuraigana island, while he unknowingly awakened Conqueror’s Haki during the Wano Arc.

One Piece - All Straw Hat Crew Members Haki Powers Explained!

I. Conqueror’s Haki

Zoro first used Conqueror’s Haki against Kaido. He was able to leave a permanent scar on the Emperor using Conqueror’s Haki and his Kyutoryu attack.

Although Zoro is unaware he possesses Conqueror’s Haki, it would certainly be interesting to see him consciously awaken and strengthen it.

II. Armament Haki

Zoro specializes in Armament Haki. Since Mihawk is a firm believer in imbuing one’s blades with Armament Haki, Zoro’s training was rigorous and intensive in that regard.

One Piece - All Straw Hat Crew Members Haki Powers Explained!

As a result, Zoro’s use of Armament Haki is highly refined, allowing him to use the Enma– a blade that generally drains all the Haki of weaker swordsmen. Zoro has also mastered imbuing his blades with Armament Haki and can do so with all three of his swords.

III. Observational Haki

Zoro’s use of Observational Haki isn’t exceptional in any regard but aids him well enough to sense incoming attacks and the presence of opponents.

One Piece - All Straw Hat Crew Members Haki Powers Explained!

(If only Observational Haki could help Zoro’s sense of direction.)

3. Usopp

Compared to the rest of the Straw Hats, Usopp has been unexceptional in every regard except his marksmanship, struggling to keep up with the rest of the crew’s superhuman strength and abilities. Even so, Usopp’s physical and mental capabilities have grown dramatically since the time skip, especially since he awakened his Haki.

One Piece - All Straw Hat Crew Members Haki Powers Explained!

I. Observational Haki

As the sniper of the crew, Observational Haki is one of Usopp’s invaluable skills. He awakened the ability during the Dressrosa Arc when attempting to snipe Sugar.

Observational Haki has been a game-changer for Usopp, allowing him to sense others’ auras and snipe down targets even several miles away just as efficiently.

2. Sanji

Sanji is one of the crew’s primary fighters alongside Luffy, Zoro, and Jinbe. While Zoro and Jinbe specialize in Armament Haki, Sanji’s proficiency lies in Observational Haki while he can also use Armament Haki adequately.

One Piece - All Straw Hat Crew Members Haki Powers Explained!

Like the rest of the crew, Sanji also awakened his Haki abilities during the time skip under the tutelage of Emporio Ivankov at Kamabakka Kingdom.

I. Armament Haki

Considering one of Sanji’s signature fighting styles is called Black Leg Style, it sounds fitting that he would be able to use Armament Haki, which generally takes the form of a black coating.


Although Armament Haki hasn’t been stated to be one of Sanji’s specialties, he possesses enough skill using the ability to coat his legs and enhance his kicks.

Sanji was able to fight Caesar Clown as well as damage Luffy’s body during their fight on Whole Cake Island, which confirms his ability to use Armament Haki.

II. Observational Haki

Sanji is one of the most proficient Observational Haki users among the Straw Hats, arguably more so than even Luffy. Since his return from Momoiro Island, Sanji has amassed several feats that indicate his mastery.


Sanji has dodged attacks from point-blank range as well as those from opponents with a higher grade of Observational Haki like Katakuri. He has also accurately located and sensed the presence of others across considerable distances on several occasions.

1. Jinbe

As a former Warlord, Jinbe evidently possesses both Observational Haki and Armament Haki with a greater affinity for the latter.


I. Armament Haki

Jinbe is an incredibly skilled Armament Haki user and is one of the few people who can coat his entire body with his power.

Jinbe (1)

His feats alone speak volumes of his strength and proficiency. Jinbe was able to fight on par with Ace and his Logia Devil Fruit for five days straight. He was also powerful enough to walk away from a fight with Who’s Who relatively unscathed despite his Ancient Zoan-type Devil Fruit and Rokushiki techniques.

II. Observational Haki


Up until the Wano Arc, not much has been seen of Jinbe’s Haki powers, but the helmsman seemed to be nearly just as proficient at using Observational Haki in his fight against Who’s Who.

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