A Revealing Look at Who Wants to Win Lelouch’s Heart!

Are you curious about who’s secretly crushing on Lelouch? Do you wonder who could blush when his name is mentioned? We’ve got the answers right here! Join us on a revealing journey to discover who wants to win Lelouch’s heart! We’ll reveal some surprising fans who have a major crush on him and find out what it takes to capture his attention. Plus, we’ll uncover who’s most likely to be the first to say “I Love You” to Lelouch!

Who Could Blush at the Mention of Lelouch’s Name?

Are you wondering who could blush at the mention of Lelouch’s name? You’re not alone! The mysterious, complicated, and powerful Lelouch vi Britannia has captured the hearts of many – both in the anime series Code Geass and in real life!

It’s no secret that Lelouch’s charisma and charm have made him a fan favorite. But who could be so taken by him that they’d blush and turn red in the face just from the mention of his name? Well, that’s a secret that only the fans know!

One of the biggest clues as to who might be blushing at the mention of Lelouch’s name is the reaction of his female admirers. Despite being a wanted criminal, Lelouch has no shortage of women who are crushing hard on him – and it’s not hard to spot the ones who get a little bit too excited when his name is mentioned.

But it’s not only the female fans who are blushing at the mention of Lelouch’s name. Male fans can also get a little bit bashful when it comes to their favorite character. After all, it’s hard not to blush when you’re faced with the undeniable charm and charisma of Lelouch vi Britannia!

So who could be blushing at the mention of Lelouch’s name? We may never know for sure, but it’s clear that there are plenty of fans who are secretly obsessed with this mysterious and powerful character. To find out who, you’ll just have to watch Code Geass and see for yourself!

Find Out Who’s Secretly Obsessed with Lelouch!

You’ve heard the rumors, now it’s time to find out who’s secretly obsessed with Lelouch! You know they’re out there, and you’re dying to know who they are. Well, look no further! We’ve done the research and uncovered the truth about who is secretly crushing on Lelouch.

So, who has been blushing and stammering at the mere mention of his name? It might surprise you, but there are a few characters who are definitely not shy about their feelings for Lelouch. C.C., Kallen, and Shirley all have been known to display a bit of a crush on our beloved protagonist.

But what does it take to capture Lelouch’s attention? It turns out, it’s not just looks that get his attention. Lelouch has a penchant for those who challenge him and those who are willing to stand up for what they believe in. So, if you want to get on Lelouch’s radar, you’ll have to be prepared to be a little bit daring and a whole lot bold.

So, if you’ve been wondering who’s secretly obsessed with Lelouch, now you know! Keep your eyes peeled and you might just catch C.C., Kallen, and Shirley stealing glances and being extra careful not to let Lelouch catch them looking too long. And if you’ve got the courage to try, you might just be the one to capture Lelouch’s attention.

What Does It Take to Capture Lelouch’s Attention?

Do you have a secret obsession with Lelouch? You’re not alone. Many fans of the popular anime series Code Geass have a major crush on this charismatic character, and would do anything to capture his attention.

But what does it take to get Lelouch’s attention? It certainly helps to be beautiful and intelligent, as those are two of his top qualities. He also looks for someone who is strong-willed and determined to succeed. Someone who is confident and stands up for themselves.

But it’s not all about looks and intelligence. Lelouch is also drawn to someone who is kind and compassionate. He is a man of justice and prefers someone who can see beyond their own interests and consider the needs of others.

He also values loyalty and trust above all else. He needs someone who will stand beside him in his darkest hour and never waiver in their devotion.

Finally, Lelouch is a romantic at heart and craves someone who will express their love openly and passionately. He desires someone who will make him feel special and appreciated, and will show him how much they care.

So, if you think you have what it takes to capture Lelouch’s attention, then you may be in luck. With a little bit of luck and a lot of charm, you may just find yourself blushing at the mention of Lelouch’s name.

Surprising Fans Who Have a Major Crush on Lelouch!

You might think you know who Lelouch’s biggest fans are – but you’d be surprised! It turns out that there are some very unexpected admirers of Lelouch out there, and they’re all vying for his attention.

Take, for example, the vocal fans of Lelouch’s show, Code Geass. These loyal followers can’t help but swoon at the sight of the charismatic and ambitious protagonist. They’re drawn to his captivating personality and his courageous spirit. It’s no wonder they’ve been chanting his name for years.

But it’s not just fans of the show who have a major crush on Lelouch. There are plenty of cosplayers and fan artists who are obsessed with him, too. They’re always creating amazing art and costumes to show their love for the character.

And don’t forget about the fanfiction writers! These dedicated authors are always crafting intricate stories about Lelouch and his relationships. They’re always exploring the possibilities of what could be, and they’re always dreaming of what could be.

It’s clear that Lelouch has a lot of admirers who are eager to win his attention. Well, you have to be brave, bold, and determined. Lelouch loves a challenge, and he’s always looking for someone who can keep up with him. He’s also a romantic at heart, so if you can show him how much you care, you’ll definitely stand out from the crowd.

Of course, it’s not easy to be the one to say “I love you” first. But if you can be honest and sincere with your feelings, you might just be the one to make Lelouch blush. Who knows? Maybe your love will be enough to finally win his heart.

Who’s Most Likely to be the First to Say “I Love You” to Lelouch?

It’s no secret that the beloved anime character Lelouch has quite the following. His mysteriousness, charisma, and good looks have made him a fan favorite for years. But who among his admirers is most likely to be the first to declare their love for him?

If you’ve been following the popular series, then you know that Lelouch is a bit of a loner, and he isn’t particularly keen on allowing anyone to get too close. However, there have been several women in his life who have managed to break through his defenses, and we think that one of them might be the first to take the plunge and say “I love you”.

The first and most obvious choice is Kallen Stadtfeld. She’s been a close friend and confidante of Lelouch since the beginning, and their relationship has grown deeper over the years. She’s also the only one who truly understands him and knows how to push his buttons. While their relationship has been mostly platonic so far, it’s clear that she harbors a deep affection for him.

Another possible candidate is C.C. She’s been there for Lelouch since the very beginning, and her unconditional support has been a source of comfort for him. She also knows his true identity and is one of the few people who can truly understand him. Her love for him has been obvious since the start, and she’s definitely not afraid to show it.

Last but not least, we have Shirley Fenette. Although she’s had a tumultuous relationship with Lelouch, she’s also been one of his closest friends. She’s been by his side through thick and thin, and her unwavering love for him has been evident since day one.

So, who do you think will be the first to say “I love you” to Lelouch? Will it be Kallen, C.C., or Shirley? The answer to that question is still a mystery, but one thing is for certain: whoever does it will be a lucky girl indeed.

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